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Our Vision

QuantPi is a purpose-based company with a long-term and sustainable vision for the future. Our field of action and reflection focuses on how current and future generations will live together with technology in general and intelligent systems in particular.


We are confident that intelligent systems are beneficial to humanity. However, we believe that certain people and technologies are needed to enable this positive coexistence


Our Story and Experience

QuantPi originated on top German and Swiss university campuses with the intrinsic motivation of making black box AI understandable for non-machine learners

Our research efforts to solve this problem resulted in a world-leading technology in the field of eXplainable AI. QuantPi was subsequently founded as a spin-off from the renowned CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security and Saarland University


The initial problem and XAI technology quickly led to a holistic approach to making AI safer and more comprehensible for different social, research, and business stakeholders


Today, we have a world-class team, leading technologies, and state-of-the-art enterprise products to make QuantPi's long-term vision a reality

Our Founders


Philipp Adamidis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 


Dr. Antoine Gautier

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Artur Suleymanov

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Our Team



years working on trustworthy AI

Following more than seven years of research, QuantPi was founded in 2020 by leading mathematicians, computer scientists, and business minds of the CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security and Saarland University in the heart of Europe.

Our team now unites a unique group of industry experts, researchers, machine learners, go-to-market experts, product managers, and visionaries.

We believe that a rich culture of diverse ethical, social, professional, and philosophical backgrounds is essential for best understanding the needs of our society and our customers, as well as for translating them into the most advanced technologies and products of our time.

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JOIN OUR TEAM! We accept applications on a rolling basis. If there are no open roles right now, we will gladly reach out when a suitable position opens up. Interested candidates, please email your resume to

Our Investors

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Olaf Jacobi

“QuantPi is tackling one of society’s biggest challenges of the 21st century. We are delighted to be backing this world-class team in mitigating the risks of the AI transformation that lies ahead of us all”

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Andreas Fischer

“Making sense of how AI makes decisions is incredibly hard - QuantPi has one of the few teams actually capable of doing so”

Our Angels and Advisors

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