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QuantPi dramatically accelerates the time-to-value for enterprises investing in AI by eliminating uncertainty

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The QuantPi platform

The QuantPi platform helps to eliminate the uncertainty that surrounds delivering AI systems by bringing in quality control to every step of the development process. Enterprises can ensure that legal, commercial, and reputational risks related to their AI solutions are identified, assessed, and mitigated.

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Accelerate time-to-value

Optimize your development process to get a positive ROI on your investment

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Prevent reputational damage

Meet the expectations of the customers buying your mission-critical AI systems

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Mitigate legal risk

Comply with the evolving standards and regulations by translating requirements into concrete technical specifications

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Our eXplainable AI Technology

QuantPi translated years of research and industry experience in mathematics and machine learning into its state-of-the-art XAI technology. The easy-to-use enterprise scale software framework allows data scientists to diagnose, debug and improve their ML models.

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Reproducible explanations for documentation and compliance reports

Access parameterized explainability algorithms with stability estimations

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Fast and efficient XAI algorithms to decrease cloud costs

Run distributed and GPU-accelerated computations to explain your model

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Flexible XAI framework to cover all AI use cases

Understand the key aspects of your model with customizable and model agnostic XAI


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