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AI needs Quality Assurance, meet:

The AI Trust 

Test, govern and trust your (purchased or built) AI system on the most important dimensions to ensure top performance and compliance with regulations.

Struggling to:

Enforce AI guidelines or regulations at scale?

Assess AI risk?

Report the progress of your AI transformation?

Trust the quality of purchased AI?

Validate in-house built AI at scale?

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Executing a well-governed AI strategy
requires a
scalable quality assurance
process of your AI systems.

PiCrystal, the AI Testing Engine

Accelerate AI validation & realize hidden value opportunities

What is it?

PiCrystal is an agnostic, computational framework which generates and executes a test suite to evaluate the behavior of any black-box model on certain data.

What can you do with it?

With a few lines of code, PiCrystal enables data scientists and ML engineers to automate validation tests on any AI/ML system — making its behavior transparent and feeding back advanced analytics to ensure improvement actions can be taken.

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Trust Profile, the Regulation Translator

Operationalize requirements at scale & gain transparency

What is it?

A Trust Profile is a YAML file which translates a set of AI requirements that models must seek to meet into a testable framework.

What can you do with it?

Trust Profiles enable the acceleration and operationalization of any requirement for AI models/systems, regardless of whether the AI was built or procured. This equips AI Ethics/Risk/Compliance or business personas with an automated tool to govern AI models at scale without slowing down production.

They are customizable to internal ethical guidelines or policies, or can rely on existing frameworks, such as the NIST's AI Risk Management Framework, or laws, such as, the EU AI Act or the NYC Local Law 144.

AI Hub, the AI Governance Tool

Confidently understand & govern your AI system

What is it?

The AI Hub is the pre-configured SaaS interface of QuantPi’s AI Trust Platform created predominantly for business users.

What can you do with it?

The AI Hub enables AI performance to be jointly understood and allows business leaders, compliance and governance teams to responsibly steer their AI transformation.

AI Hub

Ready to accelerate your
AI transformation?

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